Toughened glass is made by heating annealed glass to approximately 700 degrees Celsius then cooling the outer surfaces rapidly. This process makes the glass very strong and shock resistant thus more durable.

Bent & Curved Glass uses this toughening technique though a horizontal tempering furnace while bending the glass to specific shapes. It is one of the few curved toughening furnaces in Australia and it is the only one with a tight radius capabilities, it provides a wide range of applications in architectural, commercial and residential installations. The capabilities range from cylindrical single curves, to complex non cylindrical with tight radius curves and tangents.

Following is our curved toughening specifications. Please contact us regarding the viability of using bent glass in your next project. 


Non Cylindrical Curved Toughened Glass

Maximum Size
Girth x Length
5mm 1200 x 2100 420
6mm 1500 x 2500 420
8mm 1500 x 2500 500
10mm 1500 x 2500 600
12mm 1500 x 2500 800
N.B.    Maximum angle 70
Maximum rise of curve 350mm
Minimum size of glass 400mm Girth x 250mm
Minimum radius will depend on Girth and Length

Cylindrical Curved Toughened Glass 


Curved Glass Ballustrade
Installer: GP Glass

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Private Residence Sydney
Installer: Neils Glass Service

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Kaleido Bar, Melbourne

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St George Bank Neutral Bay

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Capital Finance Corporate Office Fitout

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Euro Car Showroom, Brisbane
Frameless toughened curved glass

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